S/Munt’s Getting Lucky


Today I am featuring a dress by LUCK INC that will be released very soon!! SO LOOK FOR IT! It’s so hawt! It has an option for the top to be sheer, even =Q____ so nice!



On Rena::

Hair1:: Maitreya Jordyn
Hair2:: [e] Memoir – Blonde 02
Skin:: LAQ ~ Minna – [Milky] – 01
Lashes:: Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
Eyes:: .ID. Mirror Eyes/Blue-Green
Eyebrow Tattoo:: LAQ ~ Blonde brow [Milky] 03
Beauty Marks:: mijn.botique / skincare / face beauty marks
Earrings:: [bellballs] Cresent Earring- Charcoal

Shape:: my own
Tattoo:: *l.inc* Stocking Border Tattoo R Leg *not for sale
Dress:: *L.inc* Nicki Dress Beige Sheer *Coming Soon
Tattoo:: Vestigium – Little Star [January Group Gift] 2
Tattoo:: [GLUE INK] Sakura Tattoo (Fresh)
Tits:: Lolas! :::: Push-Up 2.5 (Chest) *Retextured and Modded*
Nails:: Mstyle Perfect Hand – Longest v1.2
Ring:: Donna Flora ORIENTE  ring R
Ring:: P.C: Diamond Frame Ring
Bracelet:: [DDL] Toca Para Mi… (Bracelet)  Group Gift
Shoes:: N-core EMPORIUM



S/Munt’s Friends with Benefits ♥Me♥Kiko♥CK♥


Looking back at all of the blogs I have done lately, they have all been pretty straight forward, fashion-y and not at all showing the porn aspect of my second life. So enough of that, already! Have some dirty pictures with two of my very best friends ;D


ON CK (black hair)::

Hair:: ::::Fab-U-Lous::::Naomi
Hairbase:: R E M O R S E – Mohawk Fade
Ears:: Luck inc Faunears not released
Earrings:: RYCA Hoop-Gold
Sunglass:: RYCA Sunglasses DN Gold/Brown
Cigarette:: .:Hermony:. / CigarettePack / Noir
Skin:: Al Vulo!- chen* blackpearl choco

Shape:: my own
Prim Breasts:: Lolas! *RETEXTURED & Modified
Dildo:: Luck inc Double Dildo
Tattoo:: Luck inc *not released yet
Leashhandle:: [17] *Not for sale
Nails:: …::: Scrub :::… Zebra Nails
:: (epoque.s) Menotte de la Nuit – Gold
:: [celoe.dara.bracelet.oman]
Rings:: (epoque.s) Bloodthirst Ring – Gold // femme
:: [MANDALA] Motsumame Ring
:: [MANDALA] [MANDALA]Anuttra Ring
Tail:: L.uck inc The Tail Fade to Black
Cock: [EXL] TB Uncut Cock *Modifed/Retextured
Shoes:: Slink Lulu Stilettos White
ON KIKO (brunette)::

Skin:: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Sally] – [ Peach Porcelain ]
Hair:: /Wasabi Pills/ Coco Mesh Hair – Gingerbread
Teeth:: [ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v6
Tongue:: -RC- Twisted Tongues (upleft)
Eyes:: Insufferable Dastard: ShineV2Eyes/LightBlue
Eyelashes:: Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick – BLACK
Ears:: :Hebenon Vial: Pierced! Ears v3.0
Face Piercing:: .Pekka. Dismisal UNISEX PIERCING
Glasses:: [SteinWerk] – Bonnie & Clyde Sunglasses

Shape:: My own
Collar:: :)(: Spinal Collar RLV BLACK v1.1
Necklace:: lassitude & ennui MESH Sugarskull necklace
Tattoo:: .:villena:. – Stay Gold
Breasts: Lolas! :::: Push-Up 2.5 *Retextured and Customized
Leg tattoo:: [Glue Ink] ~Bow Tattoos~
Collar piercings:: <-Puncture->
::Dermal Spike Implants (Collarbone) Anodized
::Dermal Spike Implants (Collarbone) Anodized
Nails and rings:: Mstyle Perfect Hand – Long Nails v1.2
Ring pop:: (Yummy) Candy Ring – Pink
Cuffs:: erratic / cuffs / silver
Right wristband:: Imagine life without breast cancer wristband. (Made by me.)
Pussy:: VAW XTC Vagina v2.5
Asshole:: OHKUMA-YA++ asshole
Anal beads:: SPUNK Anal Beads (Purple)
Shoes:: N-core EMPORIUM “Pure Black”

Cum prims:: A2 Premium Cum Set
Cum layers:: Z’s- Spunk- Layers of sticky goodness!

ON RENA (blonde)::

Skin:: *League Jen Pale Natural
::MG – Groomed – Medium B – LOWER
::MG – Wild Thick – B – UPPER
Eyes:: .ID. Mirror Eyes/Blue-Green
Hair:: ::Exile:: Glory: Roots-Stefani
Ears:: :Hebenon Vial: Pierced!

Shape:: my own
Collar:: oOXA CollarsOo Sissy Bitch Spikes – Full
Jewelery :: Donna Flora
Watch:: SAMARA watch
Rings:: VITO pink ring L
:: ZSAZSA leo ring R
Breasts:: Lolas! ::::Push-Up 2.5:::: – RETEXTURED
::AITUI Tattoo – Fuse
::AITUI Tattoo – Zodiac – ASF Aquarius
::*L.inc* Stocking Border Tattoo R Leg – *Not for Sale
Piercings:: <-Puncture->
Dermal (chest)
Monroe Left
Nostril Piercing
Shoes:: N-Core EMPORIUM
Pussy:: Xcite! Gentials – Jasmine
Vibrator:: ;tapi ::vintage vibrator:: pink::vaginally

Cum:: A2 Premium Facial Fun

S/Munt’s Paying it Forward



Ladies out there — Tired of your breasts not matching? find a texture but it doesn’t match perfectly with your favorite skin? Well — Look no further =]!

This week I am joined by a friend of mine that told me about a woman that goes by the name Alessa Bishop (morgan.adamski) who does commissioned breast texture for a price. I got into contact with this woman, had a conversation and by the end I asked her if she would like her work to be featured on my blog. She said yes, and my friend Abi said she would model.

Here is her work:


So again, Contact ALESSA BISHOP (morgan.adamski) if you want your very own MATCHING breast texture!


On Abigail Williams:

Eyes :: .ID. Real Eyes – Blue
Lashes :: Pink Acid Punk Princess Eyeliner & Eyelashes
Tits :: Lolas! Push-Ups 2.5 (RETEXTURED BY ALESSA BISHOP (morgan.adamski))

Nipples:: [EXL] HARDware Nipples
Tattoos :: [GLUE INK] I Walk Alone Tattoo (FADED Sleeves)
Skin :: IT GIRLS – Wixson Pale / Dark Brows
Panties :: L.inc *SL* Temptress – Black 2
Hair :: !lamb. Little Queenie (Mesh) – Honeycomb Ombre
Piercings :: Hebenon Vial: Pitch Piercings[Ink, V.2]
Ear Piercings :: .Pekka. Maniac Ear Piercing V1
Gloves :: [GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (floral)

S/Munt’s Night in Paris


Originally I was not going to blog this outift but with the urging from a friend I decided to post my ‘Night in Paris’.

Next week I will make sure to show some nakkie skin again, I know you pervies love that.

Really hope you enjoy this look, wearing it around Barbiegirls or wherever I may find myself at sure turned some heads, so good luck with your own versions of it!

xoxo, Rena Monrovia Gravois


Hair:: fri. – Tatum – Blonds :: Fri.day
Eyes:: .ID. Mirror Eyes BLUE-GREEN :: .ID.
Sunglasses:: MIEL HIPSTER PEEPERS – candy gloss :: Miel
Eyelashes:: MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick – BLACK :: MG
Ears:: :Hebenon Vial: Pierced! Ears v3.0 :: Hebenon
Earrings:: [MANDALA]Leather Feather earring/Pink :: Mandala
Skin:: [PF] Elly <Honey> – Pure/Angelic :: Pink Fuel
Lipstick:: [PF] Elly Cosmetics <Honey> – Juicy Gloss (Raspberry) :: Pink Fuel
Lollipop:: LK Design Naughty Lollypop (strawberry) :: LK Design


Shape:: my own
Chest Piercing:: <-Puncture-> Dermal Gemstones  -Chest- :: Puncture
Boobs:: Lolas! ::: Push-Up 2.5 ::: Bag *retextured ::: Lolas!
Puppy in Purse:: “The Z Bag” Tan Chihuahua Carrier :: Zooby
Nails:: Mstyle Perfect Hand – Longest Nails :: Mstyle
Shirt:: *L.inc* Loose Tanktop White :: Luck Inc
Skirt:: *L.inc* Diigii High Skirt Metallic Pink :: Luck Inc
Pussy Juice::
*L.inc* Pussy Juicy :: Luck inc *not for sale
Sloppy Slut Juice Package :: Motherfunken
[GLUE INK] Bow Tattoos
Garter:: *L.inc* Bitch Garter :: Luck Inc.
Shoes:: N-core EMPORIUM “Fatpack 14” :: N-Core

S/Munt’s Kind of a Princess


Princess Rena Monrovia here, showing you a hot new release from a hot new store!

Princess Remi was gracious enough to telltale of a new tidbit coming from her newly established kingdom, the Slut Haus! A nice store you can find in Dream Valley, the place where fame.less, Titz, Waffle!, Tw@tty C@ke, and the list goes on and on. Basically a beautifully done shopping mall for prim breast people. I love going there =3, especially now that Mercedes (of Titz) has a group called PINK FRIDAY dedicated to prim breast, slutwear fifty linden friday, stuff.

Anyway, this week S/Munt is… kind of a princess. Hey, if the crown fits, right?

I apologize for the shitty shadows, but I really liked this light with the theme, ok!?

Hair:: [e] Charmed – Essentials Collection
Lashes:: *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -33- ZickZack
Eyes:: .ID. Mirror Eyes BLUE-GREEN (Wear me!)
Eyeshadow:: – DAMNED – Eyes Make up Review / FATPACK
Eyeliner:: -tb- Makeup
Running Mascara:: Shakeup – Bleeding Mascara
Ears:: :Hebenon Vial: Pierced! Ears v3.0
Tiara:: EarthStones Fleur Tiara – Diamond
Lipstick:: .Pekka. FLAVOUR Lipstick Goth

Shape:: my own
Skin:: [PF] Elly <Honey> – Pure/Angelic
Dress:: .:TSH:. Lace Dresses Fatpack (Boxed)
*Dress is by Princess Remi aka Reminisce Eiren, a new designer that just opened her store in Dream Valley, the Slut Haus
Pussy Tape:: [ SAKIDE ] Nipples and Pussy Tapes White
Tits:: Lolas! ::: Push-Up 2.5 ::: Bag *Retextured
Chest Piercings:: <-Puncture-> Dermal Gemstones  -Chest-
Ring:: [MANDALA]Motsumame Ring SET
Nails:: [:S&V:] Vanity Nails – Basic
Shoes:: N-core EMPORIUM “Fatpack 14”

S/Munt Reblogs: Colleen Criss’s “Standard Size”


I am an ample avatar, full-figured and curvy. I am also an Second Life shopper, I have Lindens to spend in stores that do not feel the need to design for the XL avatar. Bad for me but as well for them. By not addressing the ample full curvy figured avatar they force us to either conform to *standard sizing* or not shop in their store. I have gone and got the demos till I’m demo poor , I have tried and bought what did fit me and left the shops none the richer for my purchases because there was not more I could buy that  fit.

-Colleen Criss, Colleen Criss’s Webblog


Here at S/Munt we definitely support avatars of all sizes and even those with certain growth spurts where there usually isn’t. Look at the difference between my avatar and Shyloh’s, for example. (if you still think this blog is ran by one person, you need to be kicked! Just kidding 😉 ). There is no way either of our hips or ASS fits in those 500 polled second life avatars mentioned briefly in Colleen’s blog.
Mesh Designers, wake up — if you think you are creating standard sizes for -500- of the population, then you’re downright ridiculous. 500 is smaller than the littlest sliver of the Second Life population. You are LOSING business because of these sizes, and you need to branch out. Love ya dearly but you’re losing my business because of the twigs you’re making your clothes for =p~.

I urge you all to read Colleen’s blog post. She even has her picture compared to the SL ‘Standard Sizes’. She also did a wonderful recreation of the Dove Girls seen below here. Thank you Colleen for blogging about something that is really important. And really needs fixing. Just like Mesh hair for us prim boob ladies <— But that is another story, and another war currently being fought =p.

Again, here is the link : http://colleencriss.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/standard-sizing-in-second-life-avatars-and-fashions/

S/Munt’s Fuk’N’Smunt


Don’t worry, the breasts are coming back next week (probably) but until then, enjoy this sexy outfit. I may have made the breasts rounder on my avatar since i’ve grown to loathe avatar breasts but other than that the dress has not been doctored ;)!




Hair:: !lamb. Soma – Milk
Skin:: [Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Milk – Smoked
Glasses:: Sloppy Slut Glasses .:FATPACK:. Package
Cum Layer below Glasses:: Sloppy Slut Glasses .:FATPACK:. Package
**On marketplace, comes in animalistic, checkered, dotz, plastic, skullz and starz. Clean and dirty version so you can surprise your RP partner during the nasty 😉**
Eyeliner:: -tb- Makeup
Eyes:: .ID. Mirror Eyes BLUE-GREEN (Wear me!)
Eyelashes:: MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick – BLACK
Hoop Earring:: ChaChaDee! – NOT ENOUGH Earrings
Ball Gag Collar:: K_gs BallGag – Kumaki

Tongue on 1st Picture:: …:::SCRUB:::…Now can I lick you ass WEAR
Drippy cum on Chin:: SPUNK Brand Cum Textures


Shape:: my own
Chest Piercings:: <-Puncture-> Dermal Gemstones  -Chest-
Dress:: FnH Button Dress Red
**With several options, Open Back (to show some smexy ass)) and Open Front (for a muff shot) Also options not shown on the pictures, to open the first button of the top 😉 Yet another good piece of RP clothing**
Naval Piercing:: <-Puncture-> Gemstone Navel Piercing
Nails:: …::: Scrub :::… Zebra Nails (Boxed)
Chained Bracelets:: DERP. Chained Cuffs Box – Black
Anal Vibrator:: ;tapi :: vintage vibrator :: FATPACK ::
Pussy Juice::
1 – *L.inc* Pussy Juicy (not for sale)
2 – Sloppy Slut Juice Package
Pussy in 3rd Picture:: VAW XTC Vagina v2.5
Shoes:: N-core ILLUSION XtremeHeel “Passion”
Star on Collarbone:: Vestigium – Little Star [January Group Gift]
Stocking Bows on Legs:: [GLUE INK] Bow Tattoos