S/Munt Reblogs: Colleen Criss’s “Standard Size”


I am an ample avatar, full-figured and curvy. I am also an Second Life shopper, I have Lindens to spend in stores that do not feel the need to design for the XL avatar. Bad for me but as well for them. By not addressing the ample full curvy figured avatar they force us to either conform to *standard sizing* or not shop in their store. I have gone and got the demos till I’m demo poor , I have tried and bought what did fit me and left the shops none the richer for my purchases because there was not more I could buy that  fit.

-Colleen Criss, Colleen Criss’s Webblog


Here at S/Munt we definitely support avatars of all sizes and even those with certain growth spurts where there usually isn’t. Look at the difference between my avatar and Shyloh’s, for example. (if you still think this blog is ran by one person, you need to be kicked! Just kidding 😉 ). There is no way either of our hips or ASS fits in those 500 polled second life avatars mentioned briefly in Colleen’s blog.
Mesh Designers, wake up — if you think you are creating standard sizes for -500- of the population, then you’re downright ridiculous. 500 is smaller than the littlest sliver of the Second Life population. You are LOSING business because of these sizes, and you need to branch out. Love ya dearly but you’re losing my business because of the twigs you’re making your clothes for =p~.

I urge you all to read Colleen’s blog post. She even has her picture compared to the SL ‘Standard Sizes’. She also did a wonderful recreation of the Dove Girls seen below here. Thank you Colleen for blogging about something that is really important. And really needs fixing. Just like Mesh hair for us prim boob ladies <— But that is another story, and another war currently being fought =p.

Again, here is the link : http://colleencriss.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/standard-sizing-in-second-life-avatars-and-fashions/


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