S/Munt’s Doing it Yourself


I’ve had another picture taken by Hades, thank you =D I liked it enough to decide it to be posted on my bloggy 😉 SO I hope all of you like it too! =D


Skin:: [PF] Elly <Honey> – Pure/Angelic
Lipstick::  [PF] Elly <Honey> – Pure/Angelic Makeup Pack
Hair:: /Wasabi Pills/ Sybille Mesh Hair – Blonds Pack
-Made for BOOBS =D!

Boobs:: Lolas! ::: Push-Up 2.5 ::: Bag (retextured)
Nipples:: [EXL] HARDware Nipples
Nails:: Mstyle Perfect Hand – Longest Nails
Pink Dildo:: SPUNK Knobby Rubber-Dick (Pink)
Anal Plug:: ;tapi :: anal beads ::
Boots:: Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Black
Corset Piercings:: PAP2-Corset Piercing-Set 1-Fullset Pack — ~Aries Celestial Designs~

Rena ❤


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