S/Munt’s Free BJ


It’s Thursday! That means another smut-filled post brought to you by Auvrena.

How were your guys’s holidays? I hope they were as fun as mine =o. If they weren’t, well new years is still coming so don’t miss out. Maybe my “free blowjob” outfit can help ya!

Also thank you for all the comments I have gotten so far in Second life about people seeing this blog and liking me (naked) and all that jizz (Bad pun, sorry! Not =p) Makes me happy you guys like it!


Hair – [e] With – Essentials Collection – [e] Elikatira

Cum on face – {BAZINGA} Lolli’Penis tattoo – {BAZINGA}

More Cum on face – -SU!- Mmm that’s not taste good! (comes with shirt listed below) – –SU!- Suicidal Unborn

Lashes – *Mayden couture* – eyelashes V2 10 – *Mayden Couture*

Eyes – [ glow ] Scenic Eyes – Sacramento – [glow studios]

Lipstick – [PF] Elly Cosmetics <Sugar> – V2 Juicy Gloss (Raspberry) – [Pink Fuel]

Eyeshadow – – DAMNED – Eyes Make up Review / FATPACK (Pink) and (Black) together – -DAMNED-


Shape – My own

Shirt – -SU!- Free Blowjob Tee Black – -SU!- Suicidal Unborn

Socks – Maitreya Moxie White Socks only – Maitreya

Shoes – Baby T Plain Black – Closed Shop =[

Skin – [PF] Elly <Sugar> – Pure/Angelic – [Pink Fuel]

Pussy – Xcite! X4 Genitals (Jasmine) – Xcite!

Pussy Pop – LK Design Naughty Lollypop (strawberry) Marketplace! – LK Designs

Tattoos – [EY:NO] Instruction Tattoo – [EY:NO]

**Sex bus stop behind me is from MP Noir, a great friend of mine who makes HOT urban sex themed fun. Look up Marcus Perry to get his store!**He also does Sci fi things as well!*


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